Lawn Mowers – The Greatest Invention Ever?

Have you ever wondered about where the humble lawn mower came from? Lawnmowers were first invented in 1827 by a man called Edwin Budding from Gloucestershire. The machine was designed to cut the grass on sport grounds and large gardens. Throughout the years, lawnmowers have evolved, both in its looks and its area of function. The lawnmowers of the past were cylinder mowers powered by steam whereas lawnmowers today have engines small and powerful enough to run the blades at high speed. Another notable change is that cordless lawnmowers are available in today's market, making it more convenient for the consumer as they don't have to ensure that the cord is long enough for the machine to reach all areas of the garden.

Today, lawnmowers are commonly seen in the everyday household, more so in America than Britain. Streets of American houses with flawless front lawns have the invention of Edwin Budding to thank and they definitely put the invention to good use by using it frequently in the summer days to produce an immaculate garden which doesn't hold a piece of grass which is longer than the other. Lawnmowers also prove to be a good social tool as it takes the neighbourhood out into their gardens and neighbours can chat whilst mowing their lawns at the same time. Having the perfect lawn leads to summer parties being held in the garden or children camping there at night.

Some people may think that lawnmowers are the worst invention ever, taking the natural look of a garden away and making it look flat, but to others, it is the key tool in what would otherwise mean hours of trimming to keep a neat and conscious-looking garden. But it is fact that lawnmowers have proved to be a huge aide in the world of football for without it, it'll be extremely hard to keep the grass in those huge fields tamed and without it, there might not be as big of a football market as it is today.

Lawn mowers have undoubtedly become an integral part of life around the world and many people cannot imagine life without one. Lawn mowers are so advanced now that there are even robot lawn mowers that require no human operation at all. We don't know where the evolution of the lawn mower is going but one that is for sure that this invention will continue to make peoples lives much much easier.

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